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Our Services Certificates of Registration: We can use your design, or create a design for you (ask for a quote).  Forms in PDF Format: You can provide your own form, or we can create any form you may need (ask for a quote), and provide it in a PDF format for your Members. Note: You must provide the content for all forms. We can also make your PDF “interactive”. This means that before printing, members can fill out the highlighted boxes on the form instead of handwriting.   We mail all documents by First Class USPS in an 8-1/2x11 envelope (to protect the Certificate of Registration from creases ;) ). Payment Receipts are either mailed or emailed (or sometimes both, upon request).  Additionally, members may request their Historical Transaction receipts (this request usually occurs around Tax Time!) Data Migration: This means your electronic data files are converted and formatted, which allows it to be integrated into our Database. This can be time consuming job, as we are very careful about every detail. If you are starting from manual files (not entered in a computer), we can do that data entry for you, as well as scan in your hard copies for future reference.   There are always unique situations that arise, and we will work with you to facilitate your needs. View, sort & and print list of animals View & print detailed information of their registered     animals, which includes pedigree and history View & print general information on any registered    animal, which includes pedigree Search for other members     Renew memberships (and update contact information)     Register new animals     Transfer animals In or Out     Request duplicate certificates     Make corrections on certificates     Maintain Status on their animal (active, inactive,          deceased, sold, etc) Our system provides your Members with an easy entry format. The Board will also receive all hardcopy documents on a monthly basis. We scan every single document that comes through us, which even includes the envelope. We also make a hard copy of all emails from members.  Each month, all the hardcopy documents are mailed to the Board for their physical records, while we maintain the digital copies.   For extra safety, we utilize a three-tiered backup system for all data and digital documents.  General:     View Animal Listing By Member     View Full Member Listing     Download all Datafiles     Create & Download a Mailing Address File View Financial YTD & Prior 2 Years:      Invoices by transaction type (new membership,       renewals, new registrations, transfers, other)     Payments Received     Balances Animal Statistics:     Total Animal Records by gender     Active Animal Records by gender     YTD/Quarterly: New Animals Registered by gender Member Statistics:     Total Member Records & Active Members     YTD/Quarterly: New Memberships & Prior 2 Years     YTD/Quarterly: Renewals & Prior 2 Years We consider it of extreme importance that the Organization should have instant access to critical information. Board Members will be able view current information in ‘real time’. This means that with every transaction processed, the new information is immediately available to you. Data on each Animal generally would include (but not limited to):     Registration ID Number (assigned by a Registrar)     Flock ID/Tag#/ID#     Date of Birth     BirthType (Single, Twin, Triplet, Quadruplet)     Physical Characteristics specific to the Breed  ***Older records may not have full data. We can only provide what is passed to us by your organization.All new registrations will reflect full information      Father Mother Owner at birth Breeder at Birth History of all owners (transfers) c 2017

There are two phases of our work. Phase One is gathering all the data and creating a customized program that we can

process all your transactions and maintain an accurate history.  When this is complete, board members will have access

to all the information that we have. After a period of usage, when it is determined that no further changes are

needed, then Phase Two for the Members Online program begins. After that is complete and approved by the board, it

is then released to the members.

Update: Spring 2021 We are currently not accepting new clients. System Details