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Schedule We are available seven days a week. However, for our mental health, we will have some scheduled vacation days. See the Schedule Page for details. Available Seven Days A Week
Mail To: 19508 Tiller Trail Hwy Days Creek, OR 97429
** All Phone Calls Returned Within 24 Hours**
How Pricing & Fees are determined ~
Fees & Terms Data Migration fees: Quoted ** One-Time Charge dependent upon:    Size, type and condition of current data. Monthly fees: Quoted     **Transaction Fees: Dependent on your your current average monthly volume      Any special requirements (eg: specialized paper, etc)     Reimbursement Postage for Monthly Hardcopy Documents. ** Note: Transaction fees are fixed charges but can change if material costs increase substantially. There will be a 60-day notice prior to any increase going into effect. Optional Items: Quoted ** One Time Charge:     Substantial program changes     Creation of Forms and/or Certificates     Special equipment (eg: embosser) - Our standard service does not require a yearly contract. Either party can terminate the agreement with a 90-day written notice.   - A multi-year contract can be negotiated. Benefits of a multi-year contract include locking in transaction fees for the period of the contract.  Excluded from this would be any significant ‘changes’ requested (eg: upgrading paper, any additional special requirements, etc).  Terms & Conditions ~ No Charge To You ~ Standard Program Customization:       * Adding your logo, organization and color scheme to the Members Online Order/Payment system      * Changing existing Field Text specific for your type of Animal characteristics Scanning all documents into digital format (the hardcopies are mailed to you each end-of-month) c 2017 PDF Quote Form
The PDF Form is Interactive, which means you can type in the fields before printing. The printed document will require your signature.
What This Means To You Because of the added efficiency that the online registration/registry database programs give us, we are able to keep the “per transaction costs” down. The Online Member Program reduces the error-rate of member submitted data, which in turn also reduces overall costs (and keeps a very clean, accurate database).  Not only will your data reflect high accuracy, we are also very cost effective and affordable whether you are a very small or very large organization.  
Fees & Terms