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GLM Registry strives to process paperwork within 2-4 days of receiving it.  When problems arise, this can signifcantly slow down the process.  We recognize that sometimes the paperwork can seem confusing and even daunting. With this in mind, we have reformated the documents in an attempt to make things flow more smoothly for both sides. It is very important to read the instructions and fill in all the required fields. We scrutinize everything. This takes time, but it prevents costly corrections later. Typical issues include duplicate tags or names, DOB’s for twin/triplet offsprings not matching, missing data, incorrect fees paid (over or under), inaccurate owner#s due to tranfers not being recorded, etc.
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Note about RUSHES: In most cases, a RUSH can be handled simply by emailing your completed documents. Since our turn around time is already fast, just inform us of your deadline date. However, when we get an avalanche of Rushes preceeding an Event, it will be handled as a First-Come-First-Serve. Those with the least amount of issues get handled first. Reading all the instructions will help prevent slow-downs for everyone. If you have ANY questions, contact us. 
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