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Mail To: 19508 Tiller Trail Hwy Days Creek, OR 97429
GLM Registry strives to process paperwork within 2-4 days of receiving it.  When problems arise, this can signifcantly slow down the process.  We recognize that sometimes the paperwork can seem confusing and even daunting. Please call us with ANY questions.  You can consolidate memberships, registrations, transfers, corrections, etc., into one order.  If you have multiple generations, try to put the oldest animals first.  When you are using a newly registered animal as a parent, put “PENDING” with the tag#/name in the description box (NOT the Reg# box, as we will fill that in) We scrutinize everything. This takes time, but it prevents costly corrections later. NOTE: When filling out the registration form, if you use the same sire or dam as the above line, then just put tick marks or ‘see above’ in the body of the box. There is no need re-write repeating information.
All documents MUST be accompanied by a Work Order Form All Fees are listed on this form.
Annual Membership Dues: January 1 through December 31
DO NOT USE IF THE ANIMAL IS ALREADY REGISTERED This is for new registered animals only. Transfers are mailed to new owner.
The Service form is to be used to Certify the service of a Sire that you do not own.
Note about RUSHES: In most cases, a RUSH can be handled simply by emailing your completed documents. Since our turn around time is already fast, just inform us of your deadline date. However, when we get an avalanche of Rushes preceeding an Event, it will be handled as a First-Come-First-Serve. Reading all the instructions will help prevent slow-downs for everyone. If you have ANY questions, contact us. 
Transfering a Registered Animal ~ Transfering out:  Send original registration with the information written on the back. Include name, address, phone# and date of sale. Transfering in:  Send in that document with a signature and date of sale from the seller.
Not to be used as a Transfer Form. See below for Transfering a Registred animal
Breeder needs to fill out this form if the Ewe being sold is pregnant.
** Note: There are still many discrepancies in the data. It is very important that you contact us immediately when you find any issues so that we can get them corrected.**
please keep twins/triplets/qds together